A recent encounter with Magic Hat Brewing’s Jinx ale has prompted me to release some notes on some other autumnal season beers:
Broken Rake amber ale, from Pyramid Breweries on the west coast is a big malty drink that reflects, like their winter seasonal Snow Cap, the brewery’s distinct personality. While Sierra-Nevada puts emphasis on hops, Pyramid puts emphasis on malts. Speaking of Sierra-Nevada, their lively, delicious, Anniversary Ale is yet another take on the India pale ale style, again reflecting the brewery’s distinct personality.
In Chicago, Goose Island’s Harvest Ale is a beautiful copper coloured pour with a spicy hop nose. A very good ale indeed, with a pleasant doughy palate with many flavor notes and a tasty and complex finish.
Breckenridge Brewery’s Autumn Ale is a dark brown brew with a rich but subtle nose. This is very tasty dunkel. A German approach from start to finish. Nothing is out of place.
I have been told by distributors that all these brews have been sold. So if you see any of these beers in a store, my advice would be to purchase them. No more will be produced this year.


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