In Praise Of The Matt Brewing Company, Utica, New York

It was twenty five years ago that I first tasted a beer from what was then called The F.X. Matt Brewing Company. It was simply called Matt’s. It was a clean tasting American lager, bottled in clear glass but packaged in a light-proof carton. Well now that recipe is called Saranac Traditional, and now it is stored in brown coloured glass. The evolution of Matt’s into Saranac is a remarkable transition. It’s an outstanding example of how the so-called craft brewers helped to revitalize the entire brewing industry.
I remember the first Saranac I ever tasted. In those years it was simply called Saranac (later known as their Amber Lager). I will never forget the first time experiencing the signature cascade hops combined with the finest malts. An outstanding beer, down to this very day.
Matt Brewing is famous for brewing many different beer styles. This is partially due to their expertise as a contract brewer; work that includes producing Brooklyn’s Black Chocolate Stout and Post Road Pumpkin Ale. Access to the finest ingredients has prompted The Matt Brewing Co. to create some incredible in-house brands, such as their winter lager, Saranac Season’s Best. Their Saranac Pumpkin Ale is a delicious tribute to all things autumn including Halloween. Early into the new year they release what could arguably be considered one the very best bock beers in the United States: Saranac Black Diamond Bock. Add to all of this their High Peak series edition called Saranac Imperial India Pale Ale, an 8.5% abv ale which employs ten different malts with ten different hops!
Saranac beers have always been reasonably priced, which only makes them more remarkable. If you never had a Saranac beer, try one and see what you think.


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