It is incredible to me that I did not learn of Mr. Jackson’s death on August 30 until Tuesday, October 23. Perhaps this is an example of how big media barely notices important news simply because it is not lurid or sensational. This does not change the fact that a writer of considerable skill, who exerted far reaching influence on the brewing industry, has left us.
Let me be honest: without the Beer Hunter I would have never become the Beer Doctor, a title conferred upon myself by a pony keg owner who considered my knowledge on brew as a kind of marketing oracle, when it came to ordering beers for his store. “You’re the Doctor,” he said to me, a moniker that has been attached to me ever since. But it was Michael Jackson, along with James D. Robertson and Alan Eames, who got me formally started on the brew path of discovery.
Michael Jackson was the Samuel Johnson of my lifetime. His best beer writings will no doubt in the future, be seen as literary cultural artifacts of the highest order. Like J.R.Capablanca playing chess, or Isaac Stern playing the violin, Jackson’s compassionate humanity is something world memory will not easily forget.
Home brewers, craft brew distributors and everyday beer seekers, all found great inspiration from  the Beer Hunter’s tireless chronicles for all things beer throughout the globe. It seems ironic to me that only recently I was complaining about large media ignoring most of what goes on in the beer universe, while setting up the web site: beerdoctor.org. Little did I know at the time that a giant of all things beer, was already gone. Beer=Proof=God=Love=Happy.
The Beer Doctor


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