I recently attended a holiday preview trade show where Sam Adams representatives were kind and attentive. These were much younger people than myself, so the Beer Doctor found himself in the delightfully awkward position of knowing more about the history of Samuel Adams than they did! I have been drinking the different versions of the Winter Lager for at least fifteen years. I have seen, or rather tasted, the evolution of this wonderful recipe, from a raw dark wheat beer to the refined spiced dunkelweizen bock that it is today. A deep copper coloured pour with a malty-spicy palate. In fact, to not be coy about it, I would have to say that this is the best version of Winter Lager I have ever tasted. They seemed to have resolved the balance problem that for me, was present in the newly used and powerful Saigon cinnamon of last year. So overwhelming it was, that the lager was starting to resemble a wassail. But now Winter is refocused on its bock roots, where the spices are used to compliment, rather than take over. And no one could be happier than myself. My only prayer is thank you.
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