The seeking for quality beer has a way of connecting people who normally would not know each other. For the beer doctor this has always been one of the most pleasurable aspects of the brewing world. In fact some of the kindest people I ever met, were discovered in the beer business. So I guess it should come as no surprise to me that I would wind up becoming beer consultant to a middle-eastern, non-alcohol drinking, Muslim.
My friend Nasser is a proud independent gasoline-convenience shop owner, who, in my neighborhood, is a pillar of this community. Not only does he provide many of the basic necessities of everyday living, but time and again I have seen him be of service to others, whether they were customers or not. In that regards, he is Mr. Ubuntu. Ubuntu is an African word that roughly translates: humanity to others. With Nasser, it is not an idea but rather a living action.

Nasser is a passionate individual. I have seen him angry, joyous, and all states in between. When it comes to ordering beer for his store, I am, as he once said to me: the teacher. Which is kind to my ego, but what is even better, Nasser seeks out the brews I talk about. Thus the other night he was happy to report that the Saint Nikolaus Bock Bier from Penn Brewing would be arriving this week. A beer I have read about for several years, but never had the opportunity to sample. Until later this week. And strangely, his tiny store with petrol pumps is one of the few places you will find Shiner 98 Anniversary, an authentic Bavarian style amber, that for me, is one of the very best beers available in the United States. Nasser knows. That is why he orders many cases of this fine brew, and people do indeed love it!
With the holiday season quickly approaching there are options at Nasser’s Marathon. Need to make a toast for the late Beer Hunter Michael Jackson? Nasser has the large bottle of Lion Stout from Sri Lanka, with MJ’s endorsement on the back label. Ready to rock into wintertime? There is Full Moon from Blue Moon, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale 2007, Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome 2007-2008, Sam Adams Winter Lager, just for starters. Good beer and good fellowship with others, that is also Ubuntu.
I do not mean to ignore the whole open-source linux  computer operating system being generated by Canonical and Mozilla foundations. That is wonderful work too. The world wide web should be for everyone. But that is not my subject. Here is a suggestion: get a hold of some great  beer and drink with friends joyously.That is the Ultimate Ubuntu of Beer. Again, my prayer is Thank You. The Beer Doctor


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