In southwestern Ohio, much of the world is aware of Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield. It is a wonderful place to visit, but since I do not drive an automobile, my visits are rare, sometimes only twice a year. But fortunately for The Beer Doctor, there is a very good grocery store available to me by public transportation, only a neighborhood away. I am speaking of course of Keller’s IGA,  an intelligent supplier of food, located not far from the University of Cincinnati. Keller’s has been written about by people visiting from as far as California. Besides having goods that much larger stores would not even be aware of, Keller’s has a selection of beer second only to the Jungle in Fairfield. Here you will find everything from Genesee Cream Ale to Three Philosopher’s from Ommegang. In fact, there are ales and lager from all over the country and world! Dutch and German brews you do not see very often. Special editions such as the Allagash 11th Anniversary, or Flying Dog’s Hunter Thompson inspired Gonzo Porter. Big bottles such as Kwak, Avery and Chouffe, alongside little bottles such as Scaldis. During this holiday season you are more than likely to find Breckenridge’s delicious Christmas Ale. A store that carries a full line of Goose Island, Bell’s and Great Lakes. Even retro classics such as Ballantine Ale and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Whatever area of the brew universe, Keller’s has you covered. Combine this with a first class meat, dairy and deli, and you have the makings for a wonderful party. If you are in/or visiting Cincinnati, stop in and see what I mean. Thank You: blessings. The Beer Doctor


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