This is all starting to sound like a suspense novel. Now Washington is involved. InBev has hired a posse of lobbyists. Trent Lott is on board. So is Senator John Breaux of Louisiana. The Glover Park Group, a media firm known to be connected with Senator Clinton, has been tapped for consultation. Carlos Brito is taking no chances, well aware that Anheuser-Busch spent over $3 million in lobbying in 2007. This year their PAC and employees have already given over $1 million in political contributions. The foxes are scrambling to see who gets the big hen house, with all those prized eggs.
Senator Kit Bond had another take. He told Carlos Brito: “This Bud is not for you.”  The Missouri Senator has concerns he says, for the line workers, the farmers, the suppliers, and the St. Louis community in general. It does not matter who InBev hires, he is against the deal and that’s that.
But is it? What about the Oracle? What Oracle? Why the Oracle of Omaha of course. I’m talking about Big Daddy Warren G. Buffett, owner of 35.3 million shares of A-B stock, or 4.9% of the company. According to the Dutch newspaper De Standard, the Oracle is on board with the acquisition. If this is the case, having the Oracle’s blessing may very well mean the purchase will become a reality. 35.3 million shares at $65 a share. Go ahead, don’t be afraid of the math.
Yikes! All this monumental fuss over a very pedestrian beer. It is enough to drive you to drinking… water.


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