This is a beer doctor tribute to Miller High Life personality Windell Middlebrooks, the stocky and hilariously funny delivery man portrayed in Miller High Life commercials. I liked the target of these ads: why should national beer be overpriced? Miller High Life, a very famous brand of American beer, is the only one of two national brands (Pabst being the other) that keeps the price of their beer fairly reasonable.
You’ve seen the commercials: Windell shows up at some elitist spot and proceeds to cart all their High Life away. As happened at an overpriced, posh eatery, where Windell exclaims: “$11.50 for a hamburger? You got to be kidding!”
Whether it is a convenience store with jacked-up prices, or luxury sky boxes at a baseball stadium, Windell arrives with dollies on hand, to explain that they have lost their license to sell the High Life.
I know it is just a ploy by a corporate marketing team, but that does not erase its entertainment value. Mr. Middlebrooks persona is one of a no nonsense, reasonable man, who despite his large build, is very warm and friendly. This is very true of the personal appearances he has made on his marketing tour. An ambassador of goodwill to be sure. When I think of him, I can not help but smile. Hats off and cheers!


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