A Shortly Before October Surprise

Now that the season has turned, it is good to see the return of an annual fall favorite, that being Saranac Pumpkin Ale. Although there are quite a few good pumpkin ales, this brew from F.X. Matt is the wassail the world was waiting for. A rich, carefully spiced brown ale that has become a distinctive, welcoming seasonal. In limited supply, this is worth pouncing on if sighted.
The folks over in Rochester, New York, who helped Matt Brewing after their fire last May, also have a very good seasonal gift. Dundee’s Oktoberfest is a delicious, modestly priced marzen style lager that is close to perfect for this time of year.
Lastly, (and this post is intended to be brief) I would like to mention a very happy surprise, and that is Budweiser American Ale. Everybody, including yours truly, has railed against much of Anheuser-Busch’s products. Oddly, it was more than a decade ago that A-B planned to make a Budweiser Ale, but shelved it, just before going into production, for fear, it was said at that time, of diluting the Budweiser brand.
Well after Bud Light Lime and the many fruit infused Michelob versions, making an all malt, dry hopped ale, seems quite in order. What was absolutely shocking, given Bud’s propensity to be middle of the road, that this is an ale of real character. Beer elitists will scoff at this giant corporation’s creation, but as The Beer Doctor, it is my job to report my honest reaction. This is quite good indeed.
I hope this brew becomes popular and successful. So instead of just taking up more shelf space with dubious, demographic invented creations, we will have one more good choice, of beer that is worth drinking.
“Blessings of your heart, you brew good ale.”
William Shakespeare
My only prayer is Thank You.


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