New Year’s celebration turned out to be a blast. Not only were there many holiday offerings to choose from, the reappearence of the Genesee Beer 30 can pack, turned out to be quite handy during the endless college bowl football games. Also, I was fortunate to get a hold of the Rochester, New York brewery’s Dundee Festive Ale, a quite good wassail with substantial strength (6.2% abv), made to seem more exotic at this locale, because of its limited availability.
With still plenty of winter to endure, I still have bottles of Avery’s Old Jubilation ale, and a couple of Goose Island’s Christmas Ale to toast things up a bit. I look forward to the season of bock (just around the corner) including this year, a first sampling of Leinenkugel’s 1888 Bock, using the recipe from that year.
This post is short and sweet. Here’s hoping everyone has a peaceful and prosperous New Year. Later… Beer Doctor. Thank You.


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