A Look and a Laugh

A recent tasting investigation into Roscoe’s Hop House Amber Ale reveals to me that in this so-called information age, things are not always what they are cranked up to be. I first saw Roscoe’s at a local Meijer at the beginning of this year, and as it turns out, it is the only place it is now available in the state of Ohio.
What is Roscoe’s Hop House Amber Ale? It turns out that it is a craft brew line made by the Genesee Brewing Company in Rochester, New York. A deliciously drinkable malty brew now selling for $6.99 (+) a six pack.
For those who think hops is the end all in beer, do not even bother, Roscoe’s Amber is not for you. But since flavor is what I am always interested in, Roscoe’s Amber is a very pleasant malt presentation, with plenty of flavor complexity… if only I can stop this incessant quaffing!
Lord I could use a case of this stuff.
Cheers and thank you!


One thought on “A Look and a Laugh”

  1. Our local Whole Foods here in lower Manhattan NYC sells Roscoe’s Hop House for the great price of $5.99 a six-pack. This has become a favorite in our household, not only because of the low cost but because it’s quite tasty.

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