That Is A Wrap

In 2010, when it came to holiday beer, the year’s end was stocked full of releases. I wish I could have got around to more. What was once, two decades ago, a rarefied exotic search, is now almost inexhaustible with possibilities. The great brands, the so-called stuff of legends has become the order of the day. The American editions alone are enough to occupy your time; including the releases from other countries… well as they say, that completely tears it.

With the arrival of the new year, I look back at 2010 and remember the many fine efforts put forward by a variety of brewers, offering new takes on many categories. I could go in to that, but that’s not my job this time. My job is to name, what was for the beer doctor, the beer of the year. That honor belongs to: HUDEPOHL AMBER LAGER. Here is why.
“The market is ready for a full bodied, full flavored lager,” said Greg Hardman, head of Christain Moerlein Brewing, which also owns the Hudepohl-Schoenling brands. And what a lager they came up with! A viable, modestly priced alternative to all the cereal cooked soups called American lager. A flavorful drinking beer where its beauty is found in its direct honest simplicity, by adhering to the use of only the classic ingredients, and not through some souped-up advertising.
Enough said. Let this first post of the New Year be short and sweet.
Happy New Year To All
Thank You
The Beer Doctor


One thought on “That Is A Wrap”

  1. I first tried Hudepohl Amber Lager at Skyline Tavern in Highland Heights this past summer. I now pick up a 12-pack every week at The Party Source. It’s a great, great beer.

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