New Year Means More New Beer

There is welcome relief to the end of the so-called winter holiday season. Of course much of this is merely perception, because there are plenty of excuses to party further; the upcoming Mardi Gras and Super Bowl, along with whatever play off bowl, cross town rivalry or any other event of significance will suffice. When it comes to beer, perhaps 2011 should be the year that beer enthusiasts reach out to their cereal cooked swilling brothers and sisters, and tossing all cynical superiority aside and show, these millions of folks who have never experienced it, the absolute pleasure of a well brewed beer.
SAMUEL ADAMS, being a brand found nearly everywhere, is a good place to start. Their American Original variety 12 pack, recently released, might be a solid opening. Included in this sampler is the new Revolutionary Rye Ale, a rye spicy take, along with their great Noble Pils, a pilsener that Beer Dave Gausepohl said was amongst the finest produced in the world. I certainly agree.
Rounding out this tasty sampler, our S.A.’s Irish Red, their peat smoky Scotch Ale, their Belgian-American White Ale, and of course their flagship brand Samuel Adams Boston Lager.

You might be able to change the taste perceptions of the light lager drinker if you offer them a Noble Pils or White Ale. Even the famous Boston Lager is still a bit of a pine resin shock, to millions of beer drinkers. Which is what the so-called craft brew revolution was really all about: that beer is meant to have flavour.
There is still so much work to be done.


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