Fade To Black Vol. 3

The latest in the Left Hand Brewing Company’s winter series, Fade To Black, Volume 3, is a pepper porter. Where did they arrive at this inspiration? I have no idea. Perhaps it was from the Black Lotus Brewing Company in Clawson, Michigan, who produce a beer described as “Classic porter  with infused Thai and Jalapeno peppers. A sizzling after taste that has flavor as well as heat.”

What a delicious, mysterious brew this porter is. The traditional porter concern for malty depth, providing bright fruity esters (rather than the darker black currant notes of an Imperial stout) from the six malts used, including Chocolate, Munch and Crystal, combined with Warrior and Mt. Hood hops. But it is the peppers, found in the finish, that keeps the marvelous mystery going. A deliciously drinkable extraordinary ale.

Descriptive promotion by Left Hand invokes Robert De Niro  in the campy Angel Heart movie as Lucifer, smoking a cigar and ready to bargain for your soul. First off, I have never been a fan of combing nicotine and beer, and the description by Left Hand of Fade To Black #3 as having “an herbal smoke ring”; is, in this taster’s perception, totally misleading. My God, this porter is so much better than any ridiculous Hollywood movie.


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