Nighty Night

This is a review of Buckeye Brewing’s homage to Belgian strong winter ale, called Nighty Night. This Ohio tribute is a very dark brown coloured pour with a malty nose, where the Belgian yeast strain is quite apparent.
I gather you could call this a big time sipping ale, because everything including the kitchen sink is thrown into this 11.5% concoction, where French Munich, Aromatic, Amber, Pilsen and Chocolate malts, are used along with candy sugar, Styrian Goldings and Tettnanger hops, combined with a French Saison yeast.
Huge in every respect, this big boozy production is full of flavour complexity, although it quickly gets to be a bit too much, which suggests that opening a 22 ounce bottle of this, might be best shared with 3 other people.
Like Weyerbacher’s Tiny, this recipe plays off the Belgian yeast strain. Some folks go crazy over this, but personally, I could take it or leave it. But for those who like curling up on a long winter night and sipping a bomb load of flavours, please have at it.

I guess I am just growing weary of American takes on Belgian ales because so many of the authentic versions from the actual country are readily available. Imitation it has been said, is the sincerest form of flattery.  The fascination with Belgian style ales continues unabated.


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