In The Tradition Of Hellesbock

From Fort Collins, Colorado and the brewery named for that geographic location, comes this traditional hellesbock, a slightly tawny golden pour that stays true to the Maibock tradition, presenting an accomplished, tasty, malty brew, true to its Germanic heritage.
A very drinkable bock, although its 7.6% abv strength is not something to easily dismiss. Like many great Hellesbocks, this one has the nectar-like quality so often associated with this style. Odd that it appears at the beginning of bock season, although I have no way of knowing when exactly it was brewed. No matter. This is a delicious malty beer. It reminds me of the first time I tried Hacker-Pschorr Maibock, so long ago. The malty nose on this might be considered primal. Before hop obsessed beers became vogue, this harkens back to a time when substantial malt presentations were not something to be taken for granted. Which is a pleasant surprise: that a small brewery in Colorado adheres to a traditional recipe style, with such graceful panache.
This beer was very pleasant to drink. Unlike some samplings which are much more of a chore. It is always fun to discover a recipe that was worthy of an investigation. Cheers!