For Tavern & Family Redux

Due to some technical glitches, mostly on my part, my original Tavern & Family post was deleted from the world. Alas, I had no back up copy, but that’s okay because it is not a chore to revisit the pleasures of Yuengling beers, now that they have returned to the state of Ohio.
Now some in the so-called craft beer world discount the contributions of America’s oldest brewery for not being an artisan startup, with its regional personality.  I say its time to recognise their great contributions, and one of the best examples is Yuengling Porter, “brewed expressly for tavern & family trade” as the label from Pottsville, PA states. A wonderfully flavourful, easy drinking dark brew.

Which also reminds me of the shock I gave to a sales rep from a distribution company who asked me why Yuengling beers sell well. “Because they taste good.” Which gets to the heart of the matter. Their Yuengling Light has converted many Bud Light fans. Although, I rarely drink beer called Light, I must admit this one is worth the effort. Like all great breweries, Yuengling has its own personality. Their house yeast is prevalent in their flavour profile, whether its their Traditional Lager, or Bock, or Lord Chesterfield Ale.
The Yuengling portfolio most certainly, has improved the state of beer in Ohio. Cheers!


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