I have great admiration for the brewing efforts of Samuel Adams and their continual work to not only bring quality beer to the market, but also their indefatigable efforts to celebrate the best of world beer culture. An outstanding example of these principals can be found in their Samuel Adams Tasman Red.

There are many reasons why I enjoy this beer. One of these is the fact that this is a red ale, in this case a red IPA, which serves as a beautiful reminder that red beers were the rage, a craft beer universe or two ago, when brews such as Pete’s Wicked Red were considered exciting and bold, during the intial re-discovery of beer with flavour.
Another reason I enjoy this ale is its delicious use of Tasmanian hops: Galaxy and Topaz; giving this ale a southern hemisphere dimension, which in my limited experience has always been good, whether it is Sierra Nevada Spring Harvest or Widmer Bros Nelson IPA.
But probably the best reason I recommend this ale is its extensive use of what Sam Adams founder Jim Koch calls “special purpose malts”, that frankly refuse to back down, despite the spicy hop platform. In that odd way, this brew reminds me of something produced by Fuller’s of London, in a British commonwealth sort of sensibility.
For beer seekers of quality, this is one to not be missed. Who knows, maybe this brew will spark a retro-craft-beer revival of all things red.


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