The Viking Has Landed

It is always a pleasure to discover a unique, tasty, beer recipe. This is certainly the case with Samuel Adams Norse Legend, the Boston Beer Company’s tribute to Sahti, the ancient ale style that took hold in Finland, hundreds of years ago, where juniper berries were used as a filter and preservative. Often said to be the invention of the Vikings, Sahti (also with its use of rye) is a virtual song of the earth in flavour, with its herbal, woody spiciness. It is also a reminder of the power of women (brewsters) in the history of brewing. Even this small batch recipe, nearly 8 years in perfecting, was created by a woman brewer at Samuel Adams.

How brewing beer has been exclusively associated with men, only exposes the lack of knowledge about history. For it was women, in ancient civilisations, who made the beer. An ancient saying went: sister, your grains are tasty, my comfort. And this tradition went back thousands of years.

ENJOY NOW OR AGE IT TO FURTHER DEVELOP RICH AND UNIQUE FLAVORS:  So says the Norse Legend label. Which, in beer doctor terms, may not be possible, since this fresh version is so delicious, it is hard for me to imagine setting this down for awhile.


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