A Truly Great Beer

It is always a pleasure to return to tasting a classic beer. This time it is Fuller’s ESB. The world standard for the Extra Special Bitter style of England, first introduced in 1971, it has gone on to become a favourite among many beer fans, and rightfully so, for the magical balance of this recipe is something to behold.
A beautiful copper coloured pour, this has all the flavour notes that a complex ale should have, but with a resolution in the long finish, where the highest quality hops and malts are combined for a supreme achievement that is rare in this world.

Yes, I said world. I am not going to be coy about this. Fuller’s ESB is one of those beers that all seekers of beer should try. The biscuit like body combined with citrus character: and that it is only an approximation, for a truly great beer finally, defies all description, and this is surely the case here.

The drinkability of this ale is remarkable. Funny how the alcohol strength (5.5% abv) is considered strong in Great Britain. Here in the United States, beer has gone through many extreme manifestations, so now this would be considered moderate. But you know, as the old saying goes: moderation in all things, including moderation.


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