Locally Global

The worldwide search for beer can sometimes be as easy as simply looking at what is available in your own town. Here, in Cincinnati, a robust brewing culture has emerged in the last twenty years, that not only produces nationally famous Samuel Adams beers, but has also seen a revival of the German immigrant heritage,  in the Christian Moerlein and Hudepohl brands. A remarkable achievement considering it was not that long ago that local beers mostly consisted of pale adjunct grain lagers, where even those recipes were compromised by marketing demands that had the ironic result of destroying their loyal customer base. Thankfully, this has changed, and now it is much easier to find quality beer to drink, in an ever expanding selection.

Credit is due to Mike Dewey and associates at the Mt. Carmel Brewing Company, an honest to Ohio microbrewery, who produce a very tasty 4 ale sampler 12 pack, featuring their flagship Amber Ale, a golden Blonde Ale, a sensibly hopped IPA, and a beautifully rich Nut Brown Ale. All four of these ales have the artisanal quality associated with the overused term craft beer.  The Nut Brown Ale, a personal favourite, is world class in its adherence to British Brown Ale tradition. A malt showcase that is expertly balanced.

Another great addition to the local scene is Hudepohl Summer Pils, the fourth in what could be called the Hudepohl pure beer portfolio, that began with their Amber Lager, Oktoberfest, and Festival Bock. Made with only the four classic ingredients, this Summer Pils is a very drinkable alternative to the many summertime offerings based upon wheat and spices associated with the beers of Belgium. Oh yes its that brewing heritage that was destroyed by prohibition, returning to a city once world famous for its beer production, and that of course, is a very good thing.