The Good and The Great

I was recently asked what is the state of the beer nation these days and I said it is good. In fact, there is a type of good beer for nearly every taste. Never mind that someone else’s passion for a particular style is not yours, there are so many others to choose from.
Putting aside all the usual debates about whether a beer is craft or not, whether it uses adjunct grains, or fermentables like honey and cane sugar, the real question that needs to be answered everytime: does the beer taste good for you?
This summer I’ve been sampling some surprises. Take for exampleImageRed Hook Wisecracker Witt, a refreshing wheat ale that is well suited to be consumed straight from the bottle.
Or if you want something in a more exotic modeImageWAILUA from Kona Brewing continues the fruit ale category that expands greatly during the summer.
The return of a Newport, Kentucky legendImageis of interest here in the Ohio valley, but actually, this craft take on the Bohemian Special Lager does not taste anything like the watery version made by Pittsburg Brewing before its demise. To be sure, this Wiedemann’s a rock solid lager, contract brewed by the experts at The Point Brewery, in Wisconsin.