Recently I began to wonder: how long will it be before the obsession with the India Pale Ale style, will have run its course? Thankfully there are plenty of wonderful styles of beer available, including  what I consider to be one of the best, the outstandingly traditional SUMMER WHEAT from Yuengling, which come to think of it, maybe should be expected from the United States oldest brewery.
I was also fortunate enough to experience recently a fresh batch of HACKER-PSCHORR weisse beer. It is always a joy to taste a recipe that goes back hundreds of years.

Of course my brew perceptions are based upon, and most likely biased by, my many years investigating this immortal human beverage,¬† so be it. The clog of India Pale Ales is everywhere: from Samuel Adams, to Saranac, to Brooklyn, hop-forward beer recipes are hopping. No one probably is more hop obsessed than the Sierra Nevada Brewery, their 4-WAY IPA pack explores the range of possibilities for the lupulin effect, including a NOONER SESSION IPA, which I guess, all depends on what you mean by “buzz”.

Another welcome seasonal return is NEWCASTLE BOMBSHELL BLONDE ALE, a judicious use of English malt and northwestern hops produces a very pleasant flavor. Flavorful is one tthing, sometimes balance is another, this has both.

This spring has been kind. One recent sunny afternoon I had a chance to share some Rodenbach Grand Cru, the grand daddy of the so-called sour beer style, although the name certainly does not do justice to this amazingly flavorful beer. Even my best descriptions can not due it justice!

I am always pleased to see when breweries get seasonal and traditional. Such is the case with the two bock beers brewed by Troegs Brewing Company in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Their TROEGENATOR double bock, is just what the doctor ordered for the early spring. And then there is their CULTIVATOR , their golden Maibock.
The same can be said for the great local brewery, Cincinnati’s Chrisrtian Moerlein, where the EMANCIPATOR is followed by SANGERFEST, their Maibock as in May festival chorus.

It seems that the Lagunitas Brewing Company is making in-roads in Ohio. LITTLE SUMPIN’ SUMPIN’ is their tasty wheat imfused ale, while their CENSORED is a very nice cooper ale. These are just the ones I have been able to try from their very interesting portfolio.Tune in next time. So many beers, so many miles!Image