There Is Always Good Beer Along The Way

lKolschBottleOne of the truly outstanding artisan creations brewed in the United States, Schlafly Kolsch perfectly hits its mark. Perhaps its because they are using a yeast strain from the Gaffel Brewery in Koln, Germany. Thankfully this wonderful beer is available year round.
Ellies_Badge200 The malty delights of Ellie’s Brown Ale from Avery Brewing speak for themselves. I am just glad that brown ale as a brewing style has not disappeared.
5grassCombining Latin American culture with Aztec mythology, the 5 Rabbitt Cerveceria of Bedford Park, Illinois, produces this 5 Grass Hoppy Ale, an unusual tribute to flavor complexity, this recipe uses 2 kinds of sage, along with rosemary and Tasmanian pepperberry . All brewed with newport pacific jade and pilgrim hops. Vienna and dark malts combined with caramel and wheat. This is also a tribute to surprisingly subtle flavors, enormously drinkable.


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