Beautiful Beers From Maui

A special thanks to the people at Cavalier Distributing for having the wisdom to bring to Ohio, the delicious offerings from the Maui Brewing Company in Hawaii. Unlike Kona, the original Big island brewing company who now have their recipes distributed and brewed in such exotic locales as Memphis, TN. Maui is the real beer from the 50th state.  Odd that beers found 4,367 miles from Cincinnati, cost only a dollar more per six or four pack, than local craft brews found across town.Maui-Brewing-Bikini-Blonde This is a traditional Helles lager perfectly suited for this time of year. Honey sweet malty notes that are never cloying and perfectly balanced. Outstanding.

MBC_Cans_2views_Big_Swell-940x721-300x230 Because of the over saturation of IPA on the American beer horizon, it is difficult to assess another offering. Nevertheless, Big Swell has all the tropical citrus notes associated with the style, and obtains somewhat of an edge, by the use of Maui water.

The last of the 3 year round offerings, Coconut Hiwa Porter is certainly a favorite. The toasted coconut combines with a malts showcase that is wonderfully delicious. My only complaint is that this porter comes in a four pack rather than six.