SAM ’76 Does Not Have Clothes

The latest release from the Boston Beer Company is a demographically driven creation, designed to appeal to that ever so important younger generation of fickle drinkers, who can’t decide whether to drink beer, wine or hard liquor.
The beer producers are worried, after seeing the data that beer consumption is in decline. This has led to hard ciders, boozed up seltzer water, and not your Father’s soda pops, along with a new hipper advertising push from the liquor industry itself. SAM ’76 makes a marketing appeal by being packaged in a Ball corporation aluminum can. There is also the Brewer’s Association of Independent Craft symbol, which is suppose to remind you that their form of capitalism is actually virtuous.
sam76canOffers up to the consumer a consummate a neoliberal product where patriotism is offered up in all of its free market glory with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. But there is only one problem with all of this, and that is, this is a terrible recipe beer. It is not refreshing, it is not revolutionary, but simply a boring , slightly hoppy beer that is not worth the $10 a six pack bother.
Always purchasing the beers I sample, I found this swill to leave a bitter taste in my mouth, after all the years of praising their many beers. This one I can not buy, but unfortunately, I did.
The Beer Doctor