Two Outstanding Local Beers

With the occurrence of an outright very hot summer, it is pleasant to discover these two locally brewed creations.

Taft’s Ale House has produced a very tasty recipe with their Culeberra Cut Brown Ale culeberracut A coconut infused ale that is a pleasant change of pace to all the golden coloured summer ales found on the shelf these days. The Culeberra Cut refers to the section of water created by the building of the Panama Canal, keeping this beer loosely, in Big Bill Taft context. My only complaint about this beer is the sub par aluminum container. Or to put it more precisely, when it comes to an aluminum can, there is Ball, and then there is everybody else. Nevertheless, this is an outstanding recipe.

Back in 2013, when occupational therapist Toni first told me about the upcoming Madtree Brewing Company I could have never imagined how far this brewing operation has grown, with the canned introduction of their Mad Pils madpils A substantial pilsner offering that is most likely one of the best made pilsners in the United States. True to its Bohemian origins, it is an absolute pleasure to drink. My only complaint about this one is I wish it was not $10 for 2 quarts, $8 would be much more to the point.
Cheers to outstanding local!
The Beer Doctor


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